Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kitchen Redo #2: Black Cupboards & Some Extras

Now the BIG finale of the kitchen! If you read the first post, Kitchen Redo #1: Black Cupboards & Some Extras, this was the very first project I started when we bought our new house. We purchased a 1970s house that needs some major remodeling, but we have decided instead to build a new house. Until the new house, all I am allowed to do is paint, and I had the great idea to paint my kitchen cupboards black!

Our entire house is basically white. So I thought the black cupboards would add a nice contrast to the all white house. Here are some of the pictures kitchen before:
The cupboards were a light beige with shiny brass fixtures.
I decided to paint the cupboards, paint the fixtures, and add in a few extras. I left off the first blog showing pictures of the cupboard doors removed. Once I removed the cupboard doors, I painted the frames black.
If you have ever painted, you know cupboard doors can be quite time consuming. To lessen the painting time, I decided to invest in a sprayer and it has been the best investment I have made. I love this thing! I bought a Wagner 518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer for $110 off Amazon.com.


I set all the cupboard doors on some pop cans in the garage and sprayed them black. It took me about 15 minutes to do one coat. Then I waited and hour and did a second coat. I waited 4 hours to flip them over and repeated the same process on the other side.
I also decided to paint the cupboard door pulls to give them an updated look.

I spray painted them brushed nickle color. I thought it would be a nice contrast to the black doors and look a little more updated.


I didn't use the exact door knobs that came with the cupboards because they were is such bad shape. I had some leftover plain pulls from our house in Omaha, which I am glad I kept. I also had to keep the plates for the pulls. The previous owners of this house drilled a wrong sized hole for pulls in all the cupboards! If you didn't have the plates, you would see there are three holes in each door!

While I was on a painting spree, I painted the wine glass holder and shelf. I also painted the walls of the kitchen a light beige color that matched the swirls in the counter tops.

Now the big reveal!! Here is my new black kitchen cupboards and some extras:

My favorite part of the kitchen is my open cupboard. I just LOVE the hanging wine glass rack and the baskets! It just adds more character to the place.

And the other side of the kitchen. (Also, I painted the canned lights white.)
Notice the wine racks from Pottery Barn??

I mounted the wine rack to the end of the cupboard to add some extra storage room.

The shelf was already black, but I painted it to match the cupboards exactly.

Here is a nice before and after:

And the next kitchen project....that plain pantry door you can see in the pic below. I have great plans for this door and the pantry, but not till the winter!

If you have a small remodeling budget, paint is the easiest and cheapest way to get a new look for any room. I would love for you to share any amazing paint transformation you have made. Just comment below with a link.

Happy Painting!!



CAS said...

I think the kitchen cabinets look amazing, as well as the new hardware!
:) CAS

Laylian said...

Looks Amazing!

Katie Danielson said...

It looks incredible!! Very inspiring

DIY said...

That looks awesome!!!

Bobbie said...

Those black cabinets really make a difference in the kitchen. They look great! And I love the wine rack.... so much so I am going to look for one for my kitchen

Mimi said...

Oh - I really like what you did with your cabinets! They look amazing in black. So classy! I especially like the baskets and that wine rack storage. Can't wait to see what you do with the pantry door :)

Frances Lau said...

I also just did some painting I took our old entertainment unit which by the way was oak(tv stand and 2 side cabinets) now they are 2 bookcases and a printer stand all in a bleached linen white just beautiful

momof3 said...

Hi! Love what you've done. Question: where did you purchase the wine rack? I'd love to do that in my kitchen...attach a wine rack to the side of cabinet. : ) Thanks!

Jesica Tiangco said...

That looks great. Where did you get the wine rack on the side of the cabinet? I have been looking everywhere for one like that.

Between3Sisters.com said...

The wine rack is the single modular wine rack from pottery barn. Here is the link to it on their website: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/singular-modular-iron-wine-rack/?cm_src=SEARCH_TOPPRODUCT||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Wine%20Rule-_-&cm_re=OnsiteSearch-_-SCHBillboard-_-SEARCH_TOPPRODUCT||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Wine%20Rule-_-

Marcela Ayala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcela Ayala said...

Where did u get the wine wrack

Between3Sisters.com said...

I am going to post this in caps bc I think with all the comments it gets missed.

and here is the link:

You will need to buy more then one and they are $12 each.

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