Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween 1st Birthday Party

I can't believe the time is here, my son's 1st birthday party! Where has the year gone??? What happened to my little 4 pounds 12 ounces baby? It feels just like yesterday, when I wrote the post about his birth. His birthday is officially October 25th so I thought a Halloween 1st birthday party would be a fun theme to have. We can have spooky food and all dress up! I tried to googled "Halloween 1st Birthday" and found nothing! Which surprises me! It has always seemed to me that a lot of kids are born in the month of October. I thought there would be larger market for decorations for 1st birthday Halloween parties, but there is not.

Thanks to Pinterest and the power of google I have settled on the theme of spiders. Why spiders? I wanted something somewhat scary, but not too over the top. A baby's first Halloween is always so cute, but I like the idea of keeping the traditional scary Halloween. However, I understand that I can't get too scary. I don't want my child to have a traumatic 1st birthday party! So my major inspiration for choosing spiders is this picture:I mean how cute is this? I ran across this picture on Pinterest. I thought it would be super cute for Aiden's first birthday cake. I decided he can have his own large cupcake and do with it what he likes. (Which will probably mean trying to feed it to the dog, but since it's chocolate the dog will have to be put outside.)

For the guests, I think it would be great for each of them to have their own cupcakes:source

I think I will make the legs out of chocolate covered pretzels.

I found this invitation online, I love the wording and the layout so I think I will use it for my inspiration when I create my own.

I am usually an evite girl, but decided that because the invitation will have photos of Aiden through the months that it might be nice for people to have an actual paper invite...if I can get them ordered in time!

And for decorations, I was thinking something like this on my chandelier:

I thought making some sort of banner like this wouldn't be too difficult. I can then add it something about his "1st Birthday".

This one is pretty cute too, and either of them hanging over my large doorway would look nice.

For the centerpiece, I thought this looked really cute and easy,source

but then I was thinking of a giant pumpkin turned into a spider would really fit the theme.source

This place setting is super cute! I love the number 1 on the plate.

However, I was thinking maybe a napkin with the number one on it and making these spider web plates might fit the guest's cupcakes better. Plus, I could use the plates again for Halloweens to come!

Then again, we have a big trip this month so I am sure that I will run out of time and just end up purchasing these from Target:
And I will probably incorporate this somewhere in the decorations and maybe the invitation.

And I am sure there will be giant spider somewhere outside my house:

And the food....

Deviled Egg Eyeballs

Mummy Hot Dogs

Pumpkin Veggie Tray

Spider Meatballs

Or if I run out of time, Eyeball Meatballs in a crockpot


And maybe some soup in a pumpkin!

The ideas are endless!

As for his costume, I could decide what to dress him up as, so I let him decide. I printed out 6 different pictures of costumes and put them on the floor and told him to pick. We did it five times and he picked the same costume 4 out of the 5 times. It's a surpise what he will be, but I am sure he will look handsome (can't say cute any more because he is getting to big) in no matter what he picked.

I just can't believe that he is almost one! We have been blessed with a very happy little boy, who has good health, and been the joy of our lives. It's true what they say, having a kid changes everything, but I say it changes everything for the better! I just can't imagine life without him now! I am a little sad that my baby has grown up so fast, but I look forward to seeing him grow and discover new things! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my not so little baby Aiden!



Greta said...

You found some cute ideas -- can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

Sofia Lopez said...

Just wanted to share that my little princess was also born on Oct 25, of 2011 and I have no idea what to do for her 1st birthday... said...

It turned out super cute for his party. We had a costume party with the family and I decorated the house with spiders. I have uploaded a few photos from the party so you can see how we ended up:

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