Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nursery: Feedback Please!

Decision, decision....I need some help. I can't decide what color scheme/stripes I like better for the nursery.

Here is the ugly room before:
I found this super cute, light green set at JCPenney that I thought would be perfect for the room!I found some fun patterned fabric (below) to make matching pillows and other decorative elements for the room. (lamp shade cover, rocker cushions, window seat cushions)
Now my questions is, what kind of stripes on the wall??

I have mocked up several ideas for the room and I thought it would be fun to see what others thought. I would LOVE if anyone would help me with some suggestions. Click the comment button below and just give me some feedback. I appreciate any comment!

I have labeled each on A-G. If you don't like any, just be honest and let me know what you think would look better.


So PLEASSEEE! Let me know you ideas and thoughts. Just click the comment button below!



Heidi said...

B or D!!!! I'm leaning more towards D because I like a little lighter looking room for a nursery!


Book Diva said...

I like due to the lighter greens -- cuter for babies and would probably work better for a girl nursery (someday) too! Love the stripes!

Megan said...

4 of us here at work all liked C the best!

Megan, Bobbie, Lisa and Jennifer Scully

Nathan said...

The dark colors will make it too dark in the room. I like the lighter colors.

Madonna said...

I love C. What are the colors used in it please?

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