Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shopping Frustration

Too often I find myself frustrated the shopping options in my beautiful city. I want to preface this by saying I will be the first person to tell you my love and devotion for South Dakota. So much of who I am including my husband, my great faith life and even my job is because we moved to this wonderful place when I was thirteen. The taxes are quite low, as is the crime rate. It's a perfect place to raise a family! That being said, the shopping opportunities are... lacking. (This is also coming from someone whose college resided a few meager miles from the Mall of America). Sure we have a pretty good mall but because we are a smaller city (metropolitan population: 238,122) the stores are not well-stocked and don't carry as much variety.

Case in point, I am currently pining for Essie's new fall shade "Sew Psyched"

It is a perfect mix of dreamy gray and green. What a great neutral for fall! But can I find this beautiful shade anywhere? No. I called the only place that sells Essie in our city and when they told me they didn't have it I ask when they might be getting the Essie fall collection in. "No idea." Gee, thanks for your help.

To be fair, Essie is also sold out of this color on their website. But we never even HAD the color in our stores. I bet if I were back in the MSP area I could find a bottle. What is a fashionista to do? I'd like to believe things are looking up since we're getting a Sephora (YIPPEE!!!!!!!) but for now I'll just have to shop online or save it all up for the next time I'm in the Twin Cities.



Anne said...

Are you still looking for this color? I asked at a couple of places here (I basically go to the mall on every day I have off now since it's only five minutes away!) and they didn't have the fall collection in yet, not even Sephora! But the lady at Ulta told me they should be getting it sometime next week. I will keep my eyes open for you! said...

Yes, I am STILL looking! I actually checked our Trade Secret yesterday and still nothing. But that makes me feel better that it's not around the MSP area either. I just assumed it was because there are bottles for sale on Amazon (but I'd rather not buy it online). But if you're getting it Ulta soon maybe we will be too.
THANKS Anne! You're the best :)

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