Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Tuesday Survey!

I was perusing through one of my favorite beauty blogs (Amarixe) and saw that she did a little survey.  I figured, why not?  Self-reflection is always good :)  More importantly I invite YOU to take the survey yourself and post your blog in the comments section!  

1.) Mood:Tired but happy and... a little anxious.  I love this beautiful Spring weather we're having but it's hard to fully enjoy it with stress of Spring semester ending.  Still, I love the sight and scent of the beautiful blossoms :)

2.) Are there any spring trends you're loving this year? Any you're hating?  
I am a little surprised to say it but I'm digging the colored jeans.  Yes, yes I know how 90's-ish, but I love color.  Adding a bright, shocking pair of pants to my wardrobe has been kind of fun! Hubby and I are really pinching pennies (see question #5) but I let myself by a cheap pair of red pants from Target.  And oh yes, they are absolutely fun :)  As far as hating... I just don't like chunky sandals and shoes.  Not my thing I guess!  

3.) Do you like to cook?  I actually love to cook!!  However, working full time while being a full time grad student has put a real kabosh on my kitchen time.  Right now it's all about convenience.  However, I have kind of a "bucket list" going of things I'm going to do when I'm done with school and one of them is trying lots of new recipes.  I'm actually hoping to take a baking class!  I love cooking but have never really invested much time in baking.  I've made the typical cookies and simple pies but nothing really challenging.  So I'm hoping to hone a new craft and get some great tips!  

4.) Current nail polish:  I can't believe I'm about to say this but... NONE!  (I know, everyone who knows me is like, WHAT?!!!).  Truth is I felt I needed to give my nails a breather... like a REAL breather.  So I haven't had nail polish on for two weeks.  However, with all this beautiful weather I'm pining to break out my OPI Alpine Snow.  If I had change to spare I'd march right out and buy Essie's "A Crewed Interest."

5.) What is something you are excited about at the moment?  Well I'm excited to announce that Nathan and I are house-hunting!  It is such a crazy process and a little stressful but just thinking of the possibilities... it makes me so happy.  I am so pathetic that I actually day-dream about decorating said future house for Christmas.  Yup, I'm special, aren't I? ;)  Anyway, we are EXTRA tight with our budget and putting every penny we possibly can towards our down payment.

6.) Current outfit:  Just jammies :)

7.) Are you a heavy or light sleeper?  I am a cursed light-sleeper.  My dear hubby is probably the quietest snorer (yes, it exists) ever but any little sound wakes me up or prevents me from sleeping.  Even if I fall asleep and he is reading it will wake me up when he turns a page. Not even kidding!

8.) What size handbag do you prefer?  I guess I'd have to say medium.  I have a crossbody right now that is very convenient but sometimes I wish it had more room so I could carry more important things. You know, like lip gloss ;)  

9.) Do you like karaoke?  Truthfully? No. I can't stand it. The funny thing is I absolutely love singing, am a huge choir nerd, and have sang by myself in front of tons and tons of strangers. I take it pretty seriously! But that's why I can't enjoy Karaoke... I am too much of a perfectionist! It sounds silly I know but I can't seem to make myself make light of it because I take it so seriously.  Still, I have participated in Karaoke a few times in my life. But it's not my activity of choice and have on occasion screamed along to, "Wannabe." :)

10.) Weekly goals:  
-Get to confession and a few other Holy Week services 
-Get some work done on my big project
-Make a delicious dessert for Easter dinner on Sunday :)  



Between3Sisters.com said...

Here Christi, I filled it out too!
- Beth

1.) Mood: Tired, I just woke up and drinking down my second cup of coffee!

2.) Are there any spring trends you're loving this year? As you know, I am not the fashionable one but I will say I am digging the spring trend of warmer weather! We have never had such great weather so early on! I only wish we could get some rain as I am having to water my grass already! For a fashion trend, I will be sporting the maternity clothes this summer!

3.) Do you like to cook? Love to cook and do it all the time, but really I love to bake. And Christi, if you take a class I would love to go along! I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes!

4.) Current nail polish: Um none. I have tried several kinds of nail polish, but all my activities around the house make it last about 5 minutes. Even shelac, I've tried it and it's lasted 2 days and ruins my nails. So only on special occassions, will you really see me sport nail polish!

5.) What is something you are excited about at the moment? Baby #2! Really I am excited to find out if we are having a girl or boy! I just can't wait to find this out and I just keep hoping for April to fly by!

6.) Current outfit: Tank and pajama pants. I just woke up!

7.) Are you a heavy or light sleeper? Depends on the day. It's probably bad to say, but I am a heavy sleeping if sleeping alone. When my husband is in bed and move or noise he makes wakes me up. When he is working nights I never wake up!

8.) What size handbag do you prefer? The smallest I can fit a diaper in. I really look for a purse that has more organziation pockets. I need to know where things are in my purse.

9.) Do you like karaoke? I do and I am not a singer. Only a few moments in my life have people seen me get up and sing at karaoke, and most of them are when we have been traveling internationally. My husband loves it, so we have gone quite often! I love seeing people get up there who sing awesome and you never would expect it.

10.) Weekly goals:
- Clean this house. It's a mess.
- Hopefully harrass my customer at work to send me over some crutial files I need to make my deadline. I am still waiting....

Theresa said...

If you two want to know how to decorate cakes you should come visit my mom. She made my wedding cake and when her and dad were first married she made cakes.
She has a photo album of most of the cakes she has made over the years (Care Bears, dogs, trains, cars, doll cakes and even carousels!!)She taught me to do shell edging for the cake I made my my FIL's b-day (I's starting slowly). The only problem is that she is left handed so you have to reverse everything in your mind.


Between3Sisters.com said...

Katie, that is a good idea. Maybe next time we are out there she can give a class or something!

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