Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rainbow Birthday Cake

I know it's been a while since my last least 6 months....but life sometimes gets in the way. I have been very busy chasing around 2 children under the age of 4, planting a huge garden (over 20 tomato plants!), moving wood chips to my flower beds (150 feet of flower beds!), numerous vacations, and so much more! 

I am hoping to post some of the projects I did this summer in the future. For now, I am celebrating this little girl's 2nd birthday! She is my smiley, crying, barefoot, dancing, giggling, yelling, tickling, chocolate eating, thumb sucking little girl Remy! I forget how little they are when they are born :)
 *Photo by Adara Photography 
 *Photo by Adara Photography 

For her 1st Birthday I went with a Pink & Green Princess theme. This year I wanted to do a rainbow theme, so here is her 2nd birthday cake! I threw in a My Little Pony, just because it seemed fitting. (Too bad I couldn't find a Rainbow Bright figure!)

 I used the Pillsbury Bold Funfetti Cake mixes to create the colors. I had to split the orange and blue to make the colors red and purple. I frosted each layer and really felt that if I did the outside it would be WAY too much frosting.  

I added a #2 to the top for her birthday!

The top is made with Nerds and Rainbow Twizzlers, carefully held in place by toothpicks
Here's the back of the cake:

Here is how the cake looked once we cut into it. (Sorry for the blur, I was a little in a hurry trying to serve cake before the ice cream melted.)

Overall, I think it might rank up there with some the best cakes I have made! Thanks for checking out our blog and look for more of my summer projects coming up!

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Greta said...

Love it! Such a great job on this. Paul is sad u didn't use Airheads Extremes for the rainbow on top. ;) post more stuff! I loss your blog!

Lauren Mulhare said...

Those pictures of her as a tiny newborn! I just randomly came across your blog due to insomnia and my unhealthy 'utilizing Google to search randomness' obsession. I am just blown away at how beautiful your humans are! Those photos are unreal. The last one is my favorite. I could use a slice of that cake right now too. You just helped launch this chicks baby fever into overdrive! said...

Greta, I tried to use those but they are too flimsy to hold the rainbow shape. I let one dry for 5 days in a arch (it didn't) and I tried microwaving them so the sugar crystals would hold the shape (but it didn't). This was the last ditch effort and I have to say the Airhead ones taste WAY better then these Twizzlers, at least that is what Ben and I were saying. Lauren, thanks for checking out the blog! Thank you so much for you kind thoughts and I have to say we are VERY impressed with our photographer, she is amazing! Hoping for new babies in your future!

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